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Monster News Feed

"Monster News Feed follows a central character who, when overwhelmed and attacked by the media they consume (literally and figuratively) through analogue and digital means, decides to fight back to reclaim sound body and mind. A hostile encounter with the continuous flow of information ensues. Does our character triumph? Born of the director's research on device use, information addiction, and the effects of a constant stream of news on the body, this piece weaves aspects of science, shared cultural experiences and magical realism to make commentary on our ever-changing relationship to media and our wellbeing."

"Cara Hagan is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice is informed by movement, words, digital space, contemplative practice, and community. Ms. Hagan has the pleasure of sharing her artistic pursuits across the United States and abroad. Most recently, Cara has set choreographic works on students at the UNC School of the Arts, Missouri State University, Roehampton University London, Gonzaga University, and on professional dancers at the DanceBARN Festival in Battle Lake, MN."

Come see this film live at The Local on January 16th.

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