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Los Mejicas at UCSC. A Dance Island of Belonging and Encounter.

"This documentary attempts to provide a different perspective to understand Mexican folkloric dance in the United States, not only as an expressive way to promote cultural identity or mexicanidad, but also as a human island (using Peter Sloterdijk philosophy) that facilitates –beyond a romantic sense of nationalism– a deep sense of social belonging and human encounter. So dancing serves as a tool of positive social and individual transformation and resilience. Then, one should characterize dance not only as an artistic and aesthetic practice, but also as a social practice in a human island that has the power to mobilize the entire existence of a community, as has happened with Los Mejicas at UCSC."

"Sarahí Lay holds a PhD in Education. Her doctoral dissertation focused on educational trajectories of professional dancers, primary in the soloist and principal dancers at International Ballet Companies. She holds a Master Degree in Management and Policies of Higher Education and a Degree in Communication Sciences. She will received her Degree in Dance in 2021 at the University of Guadalajara, Mexico."

Come see this film live at The Local on January 16th.

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