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Our 2021 Line-Up Is Here

This year has been challenging in so many ways. We at Midnight Films have been grabbing onto as much happiness as we can. That being said, we are thrilled to announce our 2021 line-up with you all! We're thrilled to ring in the new year with a festival full of creativity, talent, and tenacity. To learn more about our festival, visit our FilmFreeway page here.

Welcome to the Third Annual Midnight Film Festival

Screenplays: George Washington Slept Here!, The Last of Aster, Chloe Two Fingers, Josie's Date with Death, Time Shared.

Shorts: Lighthunger, Trash Boy, The 8th Commandement, Preparation, Broken, Don't Jump, Matched, Tru Romance, Swipe, The Test, Phosphene, Gabrielle, 2 Weeks, Good Vibes Only, Soy No Soy, Anna, Highbrow, It's Desmond - your misguided tour guide.

Featurettes: Dance For It, Los Mejicas at UCSC: A Dance Island of Belonging and Encounter, Samurai in the Orange Sky, Basil-Thyme's Baby.

Music Videos: Nice Shoes, Slow Jam Girl.

Dance Films: Nycto-Eternity, Trapped (Lina Sierra), Trapped, Invisible Threads part 1, Bad Feeling, ID, Making Men, Choreography Confined, You and Me, Stopgap in Stop Motion, I'm Here.

Documentary Shorts: House of Yes, The Last Queen, PRAY, Deeper Than Blue.

Micro Shorts: Challah For Caroline, JANA, Find Your Soul, Cyzon Griffin, The Last Oak, Like Mother, My Perfection.

Animated Shorts: CNUT, Sum of its Parts, Monster News Feed

Student Shorts: Tin Box, Flowers Under the Moonlight, That's Not My Name, The Brown and Beatific Face of Ishrat Zahan, Missing, Tell Me a Story.

We'll be sharing more about each film as we get ready for the festival. we hope to see you in-person or online!

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