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Deeper Than Blue

"“Deeper Than Blue” explores a shadowed medical

crisis that affects mothers called postpartum depression.

Told through Amanda Munday; her heartbreaking and empowering

story of her experience with postpartum depression following the birth of her daughter Fiona."

"Devon Robertson is a second year student at Humber College’s Film & Television Production program. Since grade school, he filmmaking has been a passion of his. He hopes for his work to not only tell a story, but to wrestle with the minds of audiences,and to inspire others in the same way that so many films inspired him. Everyone has a story and everyone has a voice, some are heard while others are unfortunately washed away. With Deeper Than Blue, it is his truest wish that audiences walk away with that same sense of hope still tucked behind their mind."

Come see this film live at The Local on January 16th.

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