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Chloe 'Two Fingers'

Written by Lisa Marie Tedesco, Chloe 'Two Fingers' is an official selection of the Midnight Film Festival. "Chloë is an artisan pizza shop owner who is set to marry the woman of her dreams - who also happens to be the daughter of the most notorious mob boss in Long Island, Angelo 'The Babe' Ponza. With Angelo not quite grasping the concept of two women getting married, Chloë is determined to prove herself to him."

About The Writer

Lisa Tedesco was born and raised in Connecticut but moved to San Francisco to attend the Academy of Art University in 2005. She returned to her home state upon graduation to peruse her passion for screenwriting and filmmaking. Tedesco has won accolades on the festival circuit for her recent short film, August in the City and has begun work on her new production company, Lady Film Media.

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