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"CNUT is a 3-minute stop motion animation exploring the conflict between nature and man's technology. CNUT is inspired by the story of King Canute (or Cnut) who demonstrates to his subjects that even the most powerful human cannot control the impending tide or nature.

We follow our well-dressed protagonist as he tirelessly battles with his environment and task of taking a good selfie.

Will he succeed?"

"ARACOURT is a film and television studio based in Sydney, Australia, founded by Ara Nuri Steel and Courtney Westbrook.

They specialise in stop motion animation and live action, with an emphasis on a diverse style and hand-made content. ARACOURT produce their own in-house content as well as collaborate with clients to fulfill a brief.

ARACOURT’s aim is to create a connection through their unique practice, in a versatile and playful environment."

Get tickets to see this film live at The Local on January 16th.

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