The Midnight Film  Festival


       January 14th - 17th 2021

"What a great Festival and fantastic and massive Kudos to Freia and the whole team for the Midnight Film Festival! The communication was top notch, very welcoming and a terrific first year success. Highly recommended. Very Filmmaker Friendly!" - Jen Lyon

Ways To Support The Midnight Film Festival

Midnight Film Festival is an event founded by filmmakers for filmmakers.

Midnight Film Festival aims to highlight the work of indie and student filmmakers and creators from all around the globe.


We wish to create events where people can come together for a night of community, networking, collaboration, and fun.


We at Midnight Films know how challenging it can be to produce your own material from conception to completion, and we want to provide an opportunity for hardworking filmmakers to celebrate their achievements and the success of others.

Our film festival showcases films, music videos, screenplays, and their creators from all around the globe. Aside from the festival itself, this year we will generate a larger audience from our panels, parties, and media exposure providing many promotional opportunities for all of our supporters. 

To sponsor the Midnight Film Festival please e-mail

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