Award Winners
George Washington Slept Here! by Sam Robothom
Trapped by Carlos Garland and Marisa Dolan
Flowers Under the Moonlight by Anh Le
The Last Queen by Kaye Tuckerman
Cyzon Griffin by Andrew Hallenberg
The Eight Commandment by Joshua Olson
The Mara. Russian Tales by Alexander Makaroverse
Dance For It by Anna Vinokur
Sum of its Parts by Alisa Stern
Slow Jam Girl by Jack Quint
Tell Me a Story by Liam Armstrong
Invisible Threads Part 1 by Rick Guest and Kate Dawkins
The Last Oak by Annabel Vine
CNUT by Aracourt Studio
House of Yes by Ebony Hatchett 
Samurai in the Oregon Sky by Ilana Sol
Josie's Date with Death by Lisa Marie Tedesco
Swipe by Niels Bourgonje
ID by Cass Mortimer Eipper
Los Mejicas at UCSC. A Dance Island of Belonging and Encounter by Sarahí Lay Trigo
Tru Romance by Celine Dayan-Bonilla
PRAY by Kazuya Ashizawa
Missing by Jasmine Jones
Like Mother by Leigh Harmer
Monster News Feed by Cara Hagan
Chloë 'Two Fingers' by Lisa Marie Tedesco
Honorable Mentions
Soy No Soy by Frederik Paludan
Making Men by Antoine Panier
IT'S DESMOND (your misguided tour guide) by Daniela Di Salvo
ANNA by Dekel Berenson
I'm Here by Kateryna Tiurina
Other Awards
Best Performer: Svetlana Barandich
Best Performer: Jacob August Ottensten
Best Directing: Dance For It
Best Editing: Trash Boy
Best Cinematography: Making Men
Best Sound Design: Preparation
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